This photograph shows the quarrymen and their tools. In the front are the sawyers with their Frig Bobs. In the backrow note: - In the middle, two of the men are holding lamps mounted on holders. These holders, like long handled bats could be put into a hole in a pillar or in the harness to give the horse some light. The man middle right is holding a holing iron, which is used to chisel out the hole for the Lewis, just below. The Gaffer or Ganger is wearing the bowler.


Farleigh Down Quarry 1890.


Spring Quarry 1900.


Monks Park.


Fred Elms, Ern Sheppard, Albert May, Frank Elms (Tanky), Wally Townsend, Frank Elms (Tiger)


Quarrymen pose outside of an entrance possibly Box.


Quarrymen pose outside the entrance to Clift Quarry, Box.